Pastor Ed Perez is the Senior Pastor of our church.  Pastor Ed has led and taught our church for now over 16 years.  He is a Reformed pastor believing in that the scriptures teach from the basis of the five Solas.  The Solas can be summarized as follows.

  • Salvation is grated by God by Faith alone. Faith to trust in the Savior for salvation is not imparted to man by his merits, achievements, his righteous acts or goodness.
  • Salvation is imparted to man by God through Grace alone. Faith is received as the grace of God and not by the works of man.  Grace is the efficacious unmerited favor of God’s imparted to man as a legal and eternal state of individual righteousness.
  • Salvation is imparted through Christ alone. God sent His only Son, born of a virgin woman, into the world to save sinners.  That mission of atonement took over 30 years in our time and ended in both the crushing death and glorious resurrection of the one Jesus of Nazareth.  With that victory in hand the affirmed Savior took His seat at the right hand of glory in heaven forever able to cleans the individual depravity of men.
  • Salvation is proclaimed through the Word of God alone. The message of God’s gracious proclamation has been recorded in the scriptures through a period of history that included first Israel and then that of Christ’s church.  The scriptures are without error and capable of teaching the depravity of mankind how salvation in Christ is achieved.
  • Salvation is achieved in its parts to the Glory of God alone. In the fullness of time, after the fall of man, when the route to the Savior was laid out and the language system was right for proclaiming the gift of salvation, God sent Son.  In these events the Father was glorified.  Christ humbled Himself to be born a man.  He proclaimed the gospel and lived a sinless life in the process, and in these actions the Father was glorified.  The Christ was violently arrested and crucified; He was crushed with the imparted weight of world’s sins and in this the Father was glorified.  The called believer who then is Saved through this atonement of the Christ is so to the Glory of God alone.

Pastor Ed is holds three degrees.  He is a graduate of Long Beach State holding a BSCE.  He is a engineer also working in the field of forensic structural analysis and consulting for roadway/pavement construction.   He also holds degrees from Talbot Seminary of Biola University, La Mirada, CA in Divinity, (MDiv) and Theology, (ThM).  He teaches to proclaim the Word of God so that the people of God would understand more dearly and obey more abruptly to the glory of God, (Ezra 10:7).